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Spring Sprang and Sprung

The Farm Was Active

The farm was so busy this past spring and it has been a while since I posted a new blog. Spring came in beautifully with nice rainy weather and the garden did well. Our family enjoyed the season. My husband worked long hours daily on a very large garden.
Fresh grown broccoli harvest from BatCrow Farms in Sophia North Carolina
Farm fresh sustainably grown heirloom carrots and beets in North Carolina at BatCrow Farms
Truck load of fresh BatCrow Farms cabbage
As spring turned into summer Derrick grew tomatoes, onions, peppers, broccoli, peas, beats, cabbage, carrots, kale, squash, cucumbers and corn. Then once summer settled in we became very busy, and the weeds won the battle out in our field. Luckily we were able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. We made lots of yummy pickles, coleslaw and salsa. My pickle and salsa recipes are on my B Sides Styling Instagram Story Highlights.
Brooke Sides' homemade pickle recipe on B Sides Styling Instagram
Now we are trying to slow down as things gear back up for the start of the new school year. My husband is beginning the fall garden and we are working on my new jewelry studio construction. I am evolving my boutique over to a new brand stylist model with very exciting changes.

​I will be pairing Agnes and Dora clothing with my jewelry in a smaller easier to manage boutique model with samples and an online store. I will no longer be shipping from my home boutique. My customers will get to shop from my stylings directly on my site and get items shipped from the warehouse at A&D headquarters.
Nigerian Dwarf Goat kid in NC
Here is a scoop on the animals this summer. The goats had a wonderful time exploring and eating every green thing in sight. Our friend Roland came by to take care of all our farm animals while we traveled to the beach and NY. Some of our pigs are now full grown and a few hundred pounds. We have sausage, ribs and pork chops available.
BatCrow Farms sustainable pasture raised laying hens in  Sophia North Carolina
Farm fresh pasture raised heritage breed chicken eggs in a wire basket

We currently have less chickens then years past, but luckily we are still getting some fresh eggs from our hens. Half the chickens are free ranging around the house and the other half are in the barn. My new goal for this fall is to eat more eggs for additional protein while I work out. I am trying to get in healthier shape. Each day is an opportunity for improvement.

We hope to have the shipping container studio done later this year and then we will be moving on to some interior home renovations on our kitchen. I will be sure to keep you updated here on the blog as well as my Instagram Stories with construction details.
Silver Spangled Hamburg Rooster crossed with Ameraucana chicken

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