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Stuffed French Toast

Sweet and satisfying for the tummy.

French toast to the next level folks, is stuffed with love and all the yummy goodness. We add some tasty surprises inside of our french toast. Have you tried adding cream cheese, jam, or yogurt? If you haven't yet I am here to tell you it is a total game changer. Then add some fresh fruit and some homemade whipped cream and you have a new family favorite. Breakfast for dinner anybody?
This French toast was stuffed with local blueberry jam, homemade whipped cream and Stoneyfield organic strawberry yogurt. Topped with blueberries and confectionary sugar.
raspberry and yogurt gluten free stuffed french toast breakfast
In this combo we used Udi's gluten free bread, stuffed the French toast with blueberry cream cheese and raspberry jam. Then on top we added yogurt, raspberries and cinnamon.

No matter what you choose to stuff your french toast with, you simply can't go wrong when you are working with cream cheese, yogurt, whipped cream or jam!

Be sure to let me know what your favorite combo is once you try it.

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