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Hello. My name is Brooke Sides, owner, designer and metalsmith behind B Sides Metal. Welcome to my business, more popularly known as the flip side of jewelry. Since starting my jewelry business in 2005, I explore inspirations from nature, clean lines, and pattern. I thrive crafting original works of wearable art inspired by modern bohemian design styles and simple stylized art. My love of our home’s rural landscape shows in a lot of my work with creativity drawn from the colors, textures, and elements of the land we live on.

My work is slowly made in small batches and combines traditional metalsmithing techniques handcrafted in silver, gold, copper, brass, and gem stones. I also enjoy creating jewelry that incorporates other media "b'sides metal" including enamel and resin.

All of my designs are created by me in a whimsical shipping container studio that my husband built for me on our quaint family farm in Central NC. Each jewelry piece is designed as a original creation from concept to completion, starting with pencil sketches on paper that blossom into wonderful wearable art. My hallmark at B Sides Metal is creating one-of-a-kind designs as well as a small series of limited edition works. I enjoy working in small batches making pieces that are truly special and timeless.

Meet Brooke Sides jewelry designer and metalsmith behind B Sides Metal handcrafted heirloom jewelry.


Brooke working at her jewelers bench in her small home silversmithing studio.

B Sides Metal Jewelry

Original creations from my one-woman-show jewelry business are thoughtfully handcrafted slowly, using metalsmithing hand tools, a torch and imagination, all while loving the process and journey.

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Brooke Sides outside of her Sophia, NC shipping container metalsmithing studio.

Brooke Sides' Blog

Whether it is recipes, farm adventures, or behind the scenes tales, my appreciation of life's special moments is occasionally captured here in a little blog for you to enjoy.

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